According to a survey, 83% of job seekers have experienced anxiety related to a job interview. Virtual interviews can increase feelings of anxiety and uncertainty due to unexpected distractions, Zoom fatigue, and the feeling that it’s harder to connect with the hiring manager. However, virtual interviews are here to stay and they can be done successfully. With that in mind, a job interview via Zoom or any other video software program should be taken as seriously as an in-person interview. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you prepare for a Zoom interview.

1. Practice and ask for feedback.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a Zoom interview is less formal just because it’s a video call. You may find it helpful to hold a practice session with a friend or family member. Ask them for their feedback on your enthusiasm and if you seem engaged over the screen. or you can also record your practice interview and watch how you come across on the screen to make any needed adjustments.

2. Know your technology.

Using video technology for a job interview requires a little more preparation, so it’s still best to take some extra time to review all of Zoom’s features before a job interview and make sure you have the latest updates installed. 

3. Dress (fully) for success.

When picking out your attire for your Zoom interview, choose something that you would wear if you were going to the meeting in person. This speaks to your professionalism and will help you feel more confident. 

4. Log in early.

You should log in to your interview early, just as you would arrive at an in-person interview. Aim to log on to your interview 10 to 15 minutes early, that your documents are uploaded and ready to send if necessary and that your presentation or portfolio is loaded for a screen share. 

5. Pick a quiet location.

When choosing a location for your job interview, take into account details such as lighting, noise level, and reliable Wi-Fi. 

6. Know how and when to mute.

When the hiring manager is speaking for an extended period of time, muting your microphone means they won’t be able to hear anything on your end. This will allow them to speak without losing their train of thought. 

7. Silence notifications.

Desktop notifications are distracting to you and the hiring manager during your interview. Check your computer settings and disable any notifications that you receive.

8. Choose a neutral background.

While Zoom does allow you to choose scenic and solid-color virtual backgrounds, sometimes this can be more distracting than helpful. Instead, simply choose a neutral background, such as a wall that is mostly neutral.