5 Things to Do to Finish the Year with a Bang

Gosh, November is already moving so fast, as we are almost halfway there. This time of the year is always a flurry of activity: people are getting ready for the holidays, spending time with family, and making New Year’s plans. But what’s missing from this picture is workplace motivation. You have plenty on your mind at this time of year, but you still have to press on and stay on track.

Here are FIVE ways that you can make sure you finish the year with something to be proud of so that you can start next year off on the right foot.

1. List all of your accomplishments – Treat yourself to remembering all the great stuff you accomplished this year. If you didn’t take time to feel proud throughout the year, do it now. We promise, even if you think you already know what you’ve accomplished, you won’t really be present to it until you try to write a long list.

2. Ditto failures – This one might hurt a little, but it’s part of the process. Think of it, not as a list of reasons why you are to blame, but an accounting of the stuff you wanted to see happen, but for whatever reasons, didn’t.

3. Define Your Priorities – Now, after seeing what you have not accomplished so far, try and set aside what is the most important tasks or goals to achieve. So instead of blindly jumping into your workload, take a look at your prospects and decide which opportunities are the most promising. 

4. Create your new year in a collage or vision board – What you want in the new year should be compiled in visual form in your collage. You can use images from the Internet, pages from magazines; some people do this entirely on their computers, or actually cutting out words and images.

5. Get Yourself Excited – One of the best ways to stay motivated is by getting yourself excited about what’s to come. As this year ends, another one will start immediately after, and you have to be ready with a plan to take the bull by the horns right away. If you really want to finish the year with a bang, plan how you’ll start next year with one.

So, if you want to finish the year with a bang by meeting all your targets, you have to focus on keeping yourself busy, motivated, and excited. As long as you can keep yourself on track, you’re guaranteed to finish out the year strong.